Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

Filling out the form in the section Take part and uploading your photo.

Can I join more than one photo?

Yes, you can send more photos for the same category or more photos for different categories; in both cases you need to subscribe for each photo you want to compete with.

Can a photo participate in different categories?

No, each photo sent has to belong to a single category.

What criteria will be followed for the photos I send?

Following the guidelines, judgments given by the jury will be based on these criteria: creativity, originality, quality of photography, adherence to the theme and category.

How can I verify that my photos have arrived?

You will receive a confirmation message.

I took pictures three years ago, can I participate with them to the contest?

It’s not forbidden, but it would be preferable that photos should be taken specifically for this contest.

Can I join a photo that I used for another contest?

No, you can not join a photo that has already participated in another contest.

What does it mean to have the originals available?

The Foundation, as by guidelines, if it deems it necessary, may request participants whose shots will be selected among the finalists to provide RAW files if possible, or originals JPEGs without any changes.

Can the original shots be cropped or enlarged?

Yes, according to the guidelines, changes to the photo that concern only tone and contrast, burn, shield, cutout, accentuation and noise reduction are allowed.

Do you accept black and white photos  converted from original color files?

Yes, black and white is accepted and can be both original and converted by color files.

Until I can send my photo?

The deadline for participating to the contest, submitting your photo is by 11.59p.m. on 16 July 2017.