Run for Art is a photo contest conceived by Studio Pivot and the Giulio Onesti Foundation. The intent is to combine art and sport, partnering up the creative energy of art and the force released by the movement in sport, through the artistic form that best expresses this union: photography.

The project is developed by Giulio Onesti Foundation, a non-profit organization for the promotion of culture and the values of sport.

The goal of the competition is to create an exhibition of pictures that expresses the values of sport in the broadest sense: sports available to art and vice versa.

The idea for the Run for Art is to follow the process a real sports competition: in each edition, 8 finalists are selected for every category, for a total of 40 photo that will constitute the exhibition.

The competition is held annually.

In 2015, in its inaugural year, Run for Art has been an integral part of the project “Friends for Sport”, an initiative dedicated to young people, centering on the values of sport, the best tool of social and multicultural integration , that draws together all peripheries  for a citizenship of the future that values diversity, but it is unique and united. “Friends for Sport” was conceived and created by the Giulio Onesti Foundation, with the support of the Office for Sport of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers – Department for Regional Affairs, Autonomy and Sport. Run for Art 2015 was inserted by the European Commission within the first edition of the European Week of Sport, which aims at the promotion of participation in sport and physical activity and awareness about their benefits.