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    by submitting the photograph, accompanied by the title, the author’s name and filling in the form, participants declare and guarantee to have all the rights on the aforementioned photograph to reproduce it and submit it for the competition. Through the same subscription of the photograph, the author will guarantee the originality of the photo and its authorship; he will also agree to the treatment of his work which, from that moment on, will be submitted to the judgment of the jury. With the same subscription, participants agree - in the event of access to the final phase of the competition - to have their photograph displayed during the exhibitions. By participating in the competition, the authors of the photographs transfer to the Giulio Onesti Foundation-Italian National Olympic Academy the right to disseminate and/or publish them. The Foundation reserves the right to use the winning photos for three years and/or to reproduce 10 numbered copies. The winning authors of the competition agree to inform the Foundation whenever they use their photos for any purpose in the same period, according to the law 248/2000.

    I hereby declare that I have read the copyright regulations and certify the originality of my photograph

    FAQ -Frequently asked questions

    Do you have any questions? Try searching for the right answer below!

    You can submit multiple photographs for the same category or multiple photographs for different categories; in both cases, you will need to fill out the registration form for each photo you want to compete with.

    No, each photo submitted must belong to a single category.

    According to the rules, the judgments expressed by the jury will be based on the following criteria: creativity, originality, quality of photography, adherence to the theme and to the category.

    The Foundation will send a confirmation email to the participants.

    No, it is not possible to enter with a photo that has already entered another contest.

    The Foundation, as per the competition rules, if it deems necessary, may ask the participants whose works will be selected among the finalists to provide the RAW files, if possible, or the original JPEGs without any modifications.

    Yes, according to the rules, the only changes allowed are those that concern only tone and contrast, burning, shield, cutout, accentuation and noise reduction. 

    Yes, black and white is accepted and can be either from original or converted from color file.

    Do you have any other question? You can contact us:

    - by telephone, by calling +390636857933/4

    - by email, by writing at